Quinn Edward Burns (cyrenafame) wrote in tommy_habeeb,
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in memory of tommy habeeb

this groupsite now stands as a memory to a great man, a great failed actor, and a great television character. we leave this site to pay tribute to mister tommy habeeb, or as his cheaters loyalists may always remember him, tommy grand. tommy has been gone from our collective conscious and teevee screens many months now, and all we have are the fond memories of him spouting how ashamed we should all be at ourselves. please remember tommy kindly. he was the greatest proponent of truth and justice. he was the gibralter to those who had been lead astray by their lovers. if anyone misses tommy too much, then remember, he can always be found in collection vhs and dvds of cheaters. a friend of mine owns volume 1 uncensored on dvd, and she says it brings tommy back in all his former glory. so remember tommy habeeb. there will never be another like him.
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April 20 2003, 08:40:02 UTC 15 years ago

Help Help Help Help!!!! I need a location of Tommy, GOmez!!!!! Greco doesnt celebrate the renewal of temperance and virtue!!!
There was no better host for Cheaters than Tommy! He is so awesome!