Quinn Edward Burns (cyrenafame) wrote in tommy_habeeb,
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cb habeebies

last night's episode was a perfect example of old school cheaters. only suggested sexual content (nothing graphic), poorly executed confrontations, and perhaps the finest aspect, the use of cb radios instead of tommy's tried and trusted cellular phone. i think they should actually bring back the old cb radios. there's something exciting about hearing about the action while you see it. i also liked how visible the crew was. they kind of walked over to the accused rather than the more recent guerilla tactic of practically jumping out from the bushes. it was cheaters from a more digified era, when ratings didn't matter as much as the truth. when was the last time the cheaters crew was SPOTTED while following the accused?

and who was that guy in the cowboy hat? was that gomez, producer goldstein, or was that the cowboy from mulholland dr.?
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