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while visiting my grandfather for his 72nd birthday...

me: I just remembered that I'm missing Cheaters
sarah: FUCLKKKKE$JPZTYsxe35hy4 t6jnfd6uj fd
sarah: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH guess which episode it is??????????????????????
me: which!?
me: I can't find it in my grandfather's billion channels
sarah: channel 5 i think?
me: shit!!
sarah: doggy style for a family evening!
me: oh damnnnn!!
sarah: tommy habeeb pulls at my heartstrings
me: I found it!
me: my grandfather is going to die
sarah: YAYYY hahahah the doggy style might be over
me: my mom is currently explaining to him that tommy habeeb is her boyfriend
me: okay good...'cause seriously, my grandfather would die
sarah: did he see the doggystyle????
me: no, thank god! but he saw the blow job part and i immediately changed the channel and he yelled out "the blocked it out!!!!"
me: and he commented that the wife "isn't so bad, but the othe one is a SLOB!"
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