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Danny Gomez is a ghost

saturday's episode was disgusting.

even worse than anal sex w/ tube socks episode.

I love the fact that the fred durst wannabe was all, "but she's a fire cracker in bed!" when she really just lied there like a fish as he had his way with her.

so wrong. don't need it.

tommy looked extra cute.
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i think we should make silk screen t-shirts of tommy habeeb. thank you for keeping this community pumpin', roxanne!
that's a fabulous idea, sarah!! I can't wait to have my very own Tommy Habeeb as "Tommy Grand" shirt.

and thanks for helping me keep this precious jewel of a community alive!
it was a pretty disgusting and lurid episode of cheaters. but i just loved the images of your fred durst wannabe rocking back and forth in syncopated rhythm while astride his languid lover with the terrible haircut (sideburns on a girl?).

tommy always looks tres cute.

and i vote for a tommy poster. although, i've always thought about digitally placing tommy's face on pornographic images. i think it would be funny. would you like to explain yourself, habeeb?